Bean By Bean – Commis - apprentissage gourmand
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Bean By Bean
Crescent Dragonwagon

Bean By Bean

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370 pages / Auteur : Crescent Dragonwagon Anglais

The bountiful bean - humble yet haute, soulfully satisfying - knows no borders, belongs in all seasons, and revels in a world's worth of flavors, seasonings, and combinations. In more than 175 recipes, from down-home to elegant, beans becomes soups, stews, chilis and curries, slathers and salads, burgers - even dessert. Amazingly versatile, deeply delectable, these supermarket staples, exotic heirlooms, tofus, and tempehs make a bite-by-bite, bean-by-bean celebration.

ISBN: 978-0-7611-3241-7

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